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BC Clark Jewelers

Clark Family

Project Type:
Exterior & interior renovation

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Square Footage:

As a 120-year-old family-owned business, BC Clark Jewelers offers three locations in the Oklahoma City metro.  One of those locations has transitioned to the premier shopping district Classen Curve.  This project involves a 2-story 15,000 square foot space renovated to contextually fit within the existing architecture, while integrating features and details that enrich visual retail storytelling.

The existing exterior of the building offered limited interior views from outside.  To remedy this we introduced two large 9’-6” tall by 31’-6” wide storefront windows onto the west elevation.  Both windows include painted steel canopies, mimicking those seen throughout the shopping development.  A 16’-0” depth shields potential glare from the western sun and minimizes heat gain inside the store.

Traditionally BC Clark stores have an inviting classical style that incorporates a lot of ornate wood, sculptural detailing, and an over-the-counter sales approach.  For this new location it felt more appropriate to modernize the retail experience, which complements the surrounding architecture.  The challenge was to infuse ideologies of an established brand identity with our vision to develop a new retail design narrative.  Having been inspired by modern jewelry design, we wanted to create a concept that integrated the soft elegance seen in a lot of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  Our design intent was to capture that essence and reinterpret it into architectural features and custom fabrications.