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Danielle Keogh

Project Type:
Retail & interior remodel

Construction Type:
Exposed stained concrete and painted metal deck

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Square Footage:

Liberte` is a high-end boutique store offering exclusive clothing lines by acclaimed international fashion designers. To complement the perpetually evolving clothing styles the client desired a space that was highly contemporary, timeless and unique. As part of the design it was essential to also integrate the boutique’s neo-classic French branding concept in a distinct and subtle approach throughout the space.

The interior space was designed to have an open layout so that the sight of customers is visible in any direction. The boutique features retail space, seating area, cash wrap, oversized dressing rooms, specialty display area and a storage/office. A major focal point in the store is the custom designed silver, steel fin display that extends from the floor up to a floating cloud. The metal fins are strategically placed to create a secondary retail area that combines chrome rods with acrylic shelving space. Within the display area is a custom rug featuring a neo-classical pattern, custom circular couch and moveable platform display. Hanging through the floating cloud, above the platform, is a custom Australian made chandelier with over 15,000 beads. The chandelier is shaped to create a dome-like appearance and gives the space an elegant touch.

Along the perimeter is additional retail space with custom cabinetry offering hidden storage, back-lit panels, adjustable chrome rods, glass shelving and white carved wood architectural panels. To add warmth to the space and a monochromatic feel, the cabinetry is offset in black wood laminate. The cash wrap appears sleek in white quartz counters and laminated glass facing panels against an illuminated, sparkling tile wall. In keeping with visual cohesiveness, the dressing rooms have white laminated glass walls and side lit, full length mirrors. Each dressing room contains a white, high gloss pendant that features a frieze reminiscent of a neo-classical floral embellishment inside the dome. At the specialty display area a raised platform includes hidden storage, custom patterned acrylic panels with signage and a customized LED lighting control system.