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The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command, Chesapeake Center of Hope

The Salvation Army

Project Type:
New construction

Construction Type:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Square Footage:
52,000 (including storm shelter)

After 40 years in one location, The Salvation Army had outgrown their declining facility and the additional buildings used to help offset the shortage of space. With services unsystematically spread among various buildings, this limited the organization’s ability to effectively assist a larger population in need. The outdated buildings had insufficient natural light, administrative offices, dorm rooms, food storage, kitchen, and warehouse space. Another main issue was the lack of flexibility necessary during winter months and natural disasters when the public needs were extremely high.

To accommodate the organization’s evolving services and size, The Salvation Army acquired 26 acres of land that would fit current and future expansion. HSEarchitects worked with the organization to develop a comprehensive program and design that utilized eight of the acres for the new facility. The facility is comprised of defined areas of service that are spatially located to augment efficiency, function, safety and privacy. The administrative wing was located on the north side of the facility, with private parking, and adjacent to the chapel. The 20′ ceiling chapel highlighted with glulam beams was designed to double as a multipurpose space for community gatherings. Client waiting, dining, kitchen, food pantry and warehouse were centrally located since they work in congruence during daily operations and/or high capacity situations. The kitchen can now serve 1,000 meals per day, which doubles the capacity of what they were able to in their previous facility. South of the dining is the residential wing with a secured private entrance. This wing provides 52 beds for men, 12 beds for women and 13 family suites. Adjacent to the main facility is a 4,000 s.f. storm shelter that has the capacity to hold 400 occupants.