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Classen School of Advanced Studies

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Public Schools Trust

Project Type:
Educational Renovation

Construction Type:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Square Footage:

This project is currently under construction. Classen School of Advanced Studies was originally constructed in the 1920’s. Several renovations and building additions have occurred throughout the life of the building. Upon completion, the renovated building will accommodate 931 students. The renovation will include 155,845 square feet of existing floor space and 1,911 square feet of new classroom space. New classroom space will be created by infilling an abandoned indoor swimming pool and capturing unused 2nd and 3rd floor foyer space. The renovation will address building code issues, update mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, provide a fire sprinkler system, and provide new interior finishes throughout the building. Exterior improvements include re-paving an existing parking area, improving storm water piping, cleaning & repair of brick and cast stone, and providing accessible entrances to the building.